t's the company policy to sell directly to buyers; please check wine spelling and Trade Mark on labels, as imitations are already being marketed.

sk for Adamo Canel wines and spumanti at restaurants or buy them at the best wine shops; you're only too welcome to come and purchase at the winery at Col San Martino (Treviso). In addition you can avail yourselves of our home delivery service throughout Italy.

raditionally -as it is common in our area- part of our vintage will be reserved to the wine enthusiasts who love bottling in their own cellar. This special sale of flower must for bottling only takes place at our premises at Col S. Martino every year in February, March, April. Info and booking: fax - phone +39 0438 898112; E-mail:

ur winery is open to visitors all year long: please feel free to wander along the vines rows and to browse the cellars, renowned in the XIXth century when they were built next to the eighteenth century Villa Veneta. Enjoy a pleasant and relaxing time savouring some typical "salami" and cheeses, obviously matching them with our wines. Large groups are kindly requested to book in advance: fax - phone +39 0438 898112; E-mail:

 If you'd like to receive brochures and further info on our products, send an email at:

We thank You for your kind attention.

Via Castelletto, 73
31010 Col San Martino (Treviso) Italia
Fax e Tel. (0039)-0438-898112